Online Marketing Blogs for Your Small Business: 10 Must Reads

Online marketing success can happen for your small business in 2012 – you just have to know how to get it. Want a tip? It would do you well to remember the adage, “knowledge is power.” It’s cheesy, sure, but it’s true! The more you know about internet marketing, the better you are at it. (Duh, right?) The blogs I’ve compiled on this list will help your business grow and flourish in the new year…check them out!

If you’re serious about building your brand in the new year, I highly recommend checking out and subscribing to these blogs – you have nothing to lose, and heaps of valuable insight to gain! So get to it, gang! Go on, get!

About Kevin Haynes

Kevin Haynes is the founder of His personal mission is to make internet marketing easy and fun to learn for small business entrepreneurs (trust him, it's possible!). Kevin is a creative entrepreneur who's into meditation, delicious wine and food, traveling, and sweatin' off calories wherever his workout takes him.