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Italian Food Bistro

The client is the owner of one of the famous Italian bistros in Portland, USA. They are offering its delicious food service from 1967. The business has a chain of 10 restaurants surrounding Portland and it is still growing in more and more countries. In 2001, it decided to enter into the online food business and has noted a good growth.

It has its own mobile app present in iTune. And it has in-house IT development as well. With the help of all the technical and infrastructural services, it has started its online business.

In the competition era, the business was lacking user visits on the website and also on its mobile apps. Its social media marketing was not apt to provide a gain of at least 10% customer growth.

Also, the mobile app’s presence on only iTune made it difficult for the client to expand to Android phone users. Because of the competitors’ strong online presence, the client was facing a sudden downfall of the business and their social media marketing strategies were not helping the business. So the client asked for a perfect solution which could help them to stride in the competition and emerge as a strong bistro and best food services provider with good user reach and conversion.


Turtlejet's internet marketing analysts configured that the contents of the website were lacking the customer interest. Efficient content management was carried out for the client. Also, its presence on social media was not up to the mark.

The specially dedicated team was formed for the client. And the special campaign rigorously went to increase the brand awareness of such a good bistro. Our Google Adwords experts run the campaign for rigorously two months. And finally gave the client a well-managed and ranked internet marketing. From past 6 months, Turtlejet is giving its services for the ROI improvement for the client business.


The efficient content management and social media management resulted in

  • 37 % increase in user base
  • Due to proper promotional plans, within two months, 2000 app downloads received.
  • It came in top 10 of Google ranking
  • The conversion from the visitors who read the personalized contents on the website increased up to 63%.
  • Returning customer percentage is increased till 79%
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Company Manager states:

“Turtlejet has helped us in our crucial time and given us a good business handle to govern. We are fortunate to work with them and in future also, we would like to have their services for the betterment of our business.”


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