CSI Ergonomics

CSI Ergonomics designs furniture that offers optimal comfort. We were engaged by them to strengthen their consumer engagement. By integrating Ariba with Magento Design & Development, we were able to extend the simplicity and elegance of their furniture designs to their online avatar.

Client: CSI Ergonomics
Project Date: 14 July 2017

Challenge And Solutions

The challenge posed to us by this ergonomic office furniture designer was to extend their brands simplicity to their online avatar and drive conversions to generate revenues.

Our team quickly evaluated their current online status and identified a major check-out related issue for one specific customer group. We not only solved this one major issue, but also revamped the whole backend and made it glitch-free and create an elegant Magento based ecommerce site.

Defining the Problem

Our Research

While we were studying the market and the consumers, we came across some interesting facts. It seems, 71% shoppers believe that online stores offer them better deals than offline. Also, according to a study conducted by Persistence Market Research, it was estimated that the global consumer electronics market was poised to touch US$2.9 trillion by 2020. The key drivers to this explosion were smartphones, wearable, smart home devices and ofcourse online shopping!

While CSI had a website, it was outdated, had extremely low functionality and offered a very poor user experience. We had to redesign the website from scratch by offering simple yet engaging user interfaces, attractive product pages, introduce separate categories for promotional products and corporate buyers and all this keeping the website elegant, just like its offline version.

Delivering Results

The combination of Magento and Ariba worked wonders in driving organic traffic and revenues.

Today, the CSI Ergonomics website receives over 10K visitors every day, a very high number for this category. This number increases further during festival period or when the promotions are active. They even appear on the first page of their local Google SERP. This is great achievement for a company based out of Sweden!

The extent of impact due to the innovative and interactive features on their website can be gauged from the fact that their sales have trebled after their online store was launched.

1.00% CTR
22% Less CPA
303% ROI

Visual Design

With the functionality in place, our next step was to improve the look & feel of the website. We had to dump the archaic older version as it offered tremendous limitations. Staying true to the brand identity, we designed their website to offer a minimalistic look in hues of their brand colours – black, purple and white. We even upgraded their typography to make them eye-catching and engaging.


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