This lawn maintenance specialist makes equipment for pest & weed management and control. They wanted to capture the online market through a new website supported by smart SEO. Through a carefully planned PPC campaign, in just three months WebMaxed was able to deliver revenues worth $30,792.82 against spends of $6,805.07, thus amounting to a massive RoI of 352.50%!

Client: QSpray
Project Date: 8 Nov 2017

Challenge And Solutions

QSpray wanted to debut in the online space. They approached WebMaxed not only to create their website, but also help them with their SEO strategy and launching of a PPC campaign. The results of our efforts are there for all to see.

Our first step was to design and build their website where customers could make their purchases with confidence. WebMaxed created a website that was easy to use, had clear images & product descriptions and an equally fast check-out process. The next step was to optimise the website, revamp and link their social media pages and start with a PPC campaign. Have a look at the amazing results delivered through these efforts.


Comparison of Traffic Report


Delivering Results

In just two months after we activated the SEO inputs and PPC campaign, their revenues jumped by 263.89% from $21.154.61 to $76,979.95. For the next three months while the PPC campaign was active, the RoI made impressive progress growing at 281.55%, 352.50% and 513.74% in those months. And, this was just the beginning for this lawn-care specialist.

1.00% CTR
22% Less CPA
303% ROI

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