For this women’s swimwear retailer, WebMaxed worked on their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC). Also, we conducted a detailed site audit, evaluated their link building and other aspects to revamp their digital presence.  Within 2 years, the retailer was able to grow their average monthly organic revenue from just $4000 to $200,000, a jump of 50 times!

Client: Swimspot
Project Date: 14 July 2017

Challenge And Solutions

Swimspot.com is an ecommerce websites for designer swimwear launched in February 2010. They chose WebMaxed to manage their online marketing activities. However, by the time we joined them, their inaugural website was up and running and we were forced to rectify a lot of design errors and flaws.

Without disturbing the customer experience, our team started implementing a lot of code corrections, copy additions and PR & link building activities. In line with the Brand Identity, we also revamped their SEO and PPC strategy. The outcome was a phenomenal 435% increase in online sales in the first year itself!



Though swimspot.com was an ecommerce website, we felt that it should also have lead generation capabilities. Our thinking was proved right when we found that some of the business (bulk) buyers preferred to discuss their deals before placing their orders. We had identified this opportunity and hence along with text search, we deployed Google Shopping Ads as well to target business buyers who wanted a dialogue discussion before placing their bulk orders with the website.

Our first challenge was to explore those keywords and queries that such potential customers were using to identify suitable suppliers on the Search Engines. We analysed all such keywords, studied their viability and prioritised them on the basis of their sustainability keeping the commercial intent as well as relevance of the visitor’s profile in mind.

Then, we created specific shopping and search campaigns to channelise the traffic to the website. With the company’s name, we also ran a branded campaign. While, the branded campaign may look a bit odd here, but since the brand name comprised of one of the primary keywords, we knew it would be targeted aggressively by our competitors.

Delivering Results

We wanted to start sustained traffic to the website as early as possible and target keywords which were performing strongly to improve the campaign ROI.  Within just two months of the campaign launch, we realised that 38% of the total traffic came from Paid Searches and contributed about 85% of the online revenues. This was in line to what we had planned.

Besides increased traffic and revenues, the bounce rate also dropped by 57.26% compared to the previous year. This confirmed, that the paid ads were generating relevant traffic without any significant changes in budgets.

1.00% CTR
22% Less CPA
303% ROI

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