Pink Lily

Inspite of already having a social media fan following, this fashion boutique approached WebMaxed with an objective to increase their revenues. We won a complete digital makeover mandate from them to revamp their website, improve their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), paid Social Media and email Marketing campaigns. In their first year with us, Pink Lily spent just $100,000 to achieve revenues of $2.5 million.

Client: Pink Lily
Project Date: 14 July 2018

Challenge And Solutions

Pink Lily is a fashion ecommerce company managed by an enterprising husband-wife team with very minimal outside assistance. While they had a very strong foundation laid for their brand, they were seeking professional help to take their venture to the next level.

WebMaxed took over the responsibilities of their web development, SEO, PPC, Social Media Management and email Marketing in July 2018. We soon prioritized our activities and started by improving the page load speed and mobile optimisation. This was followed by successful migration to a new domain name and kick-start revenue inflows. This required some work in removing the negative SEO indicators associated with the new name before we could flex our digital muscles.


To arrive at their new look layout, we did a detailed research on their user personalities and studied their behaviour on the app. To further refine and streamline things, our business analysts created wireframes to include both the actor and industry flow.

Our wireframes became instant hits. While they helped our designers to better engineer the looks & feel, they also helped our client principals to share additional insights after getting inspired by the skeletal designs.

Delivering Results

In just 11 months after launch, our efforts started showing results. The monthly organic search revenue grew from $269K to $386K. Monthly PPC revenue from Paid Search campaigns increased from $525K to $918K, while revenues from Paid Social Media Campaigns jumped from $59K to $217K. By spending just $100,000 with us in the first year, Pink Lily was able to generate revenue of $3.5 million. Last year, they registered revenues of $19.5 million, which translates into 33% revenue growth Year-on-Year!

1.00% CTR
22% Less CPA
303% ROI


Our next target was to revamp the website aesthetics. We replaced the older version with a new design outlook that also had fresh themes and functionalities. Through strategic use of their brand colours, we created a bold yet minimalistic look throughout the website. We even revamped to a matching typography to create high impact and add to the sites aesthetic appeal.


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