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Trumpet & Horn

From a monthly organic search revenue of $160K to $315k in just under a one year? Read more to find out how a leading online niche jeweller doubled his revenue.

Client: Trumpet & Horn
Project Date: 14 July 2017

Challenge And Solutions

Downtown Los Angeles based vintage jewellery company Trumpet & Horn, approached us for help in their online marketing activities.

Besides creating a Magento website for Trumpet & Horn, Webmaxed also analysed and revamped their PPC and SEO inputs. We began by fixing many of their server and site related issues, upgraded their copy, fine-tuned their online public relations, rebuilt their links and improved on their in  infographics and designs.

The Strategy

After getting the brief and conducting a detailed analysis, our team commenced work on creating a store on Magento Website Cloud Pro platform. For better user experience, a new Order Management System in the form of Vinculum System and Reciproci System as the centralised Loyalty Program system were introduced. For building virtual skin analyser tool, we even used cutting edge technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence. For enhanced engagement, a digital beauty advisor tool was also added. For smarter product representations, we created A+ content with Page Builder.

Delivering Results

WebMaxed was able to increase the organic traffic to Trumpet & Horn’s website by over 75% in just 2 years. The organic visitor number had reached 165,462 which translated into 82% jump in organic transactions and 56% rise in organic revenues ($260,997.87+). From being totally absent on many terms, they now had started dominating the results with their targeted keywords. In just a year, their monthly organic search revenues jumped from $160K to over $315K.

1.00% CTR
22% Less CPA
303% ROI

Growing Ecommerce Together with Magento Experience

MyBinding noticed the positive change soon after going live with their upgraded store based on a new design philosophy.  They experienced an increase of 18% in their daily order numbers, while the value also increased by 12%. Their revenues increased by 25%, while their mobile traffic grew by 35% due to the enhanced user experience.


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