Why Affiliates are Getting Clicks But No Conversions?7 min read

Affiliate marketing is one of the many ways how online businesses thrive. It is a very important part of the concept of ‘making money while you sleep’. Over 90% of people start their digital presence with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a process or making money by promoting other’s products and services. If people buy the product or service that you promote, you earn a commission. So, running an affiliate business doesn’t necessarily mean you are having to invest money or incur any expenses to earn.

Affiliate marketing boils down to the concept of revenue sharing between two people or entities – one having products and the other having a wide connection base.

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Some Famous Affiliate Marketing Companies?

Commission Junction

Out of the many platforms that are known for their affiliate programmes, CJ Affiliate (or Commission Junction) is one of the most popular. It boasts on churning out an annual revenue of over $16 bn for its affiliate partners.

It is a combined affiliate marketplace for both advertisers as well as publishers or promoters. It allows you to partner with some of the best brands in the world to promote their products and services and earn a commission.


ShareASale is a full-fledged affiliate marketing spot where publishers meet buyers and vice versa. It is home to a huge number of advertisers and promoters and their respective product and service portfolio.

Hence, once you have started operating through the platform either as a promoter or advertiser, you will get a wide niche to explore the potentiality of your services and products.

Moreover, ShareASale also has an affiliate for online dating and auction services, thereby increasing the spectrum for most of its users.


LinkConnector is a very professional line network solution for potential affiliate marketers. It is a wonderful platform for new brands to gain some momentum in their sales as some of the tried-and-tested affiliates take charge of promoting their products.

Plus, since the platform is flocked by well-known brands too, it is a great way for newer affiliates and influencers to make some money and form a branding for themselves.


ClickBank reserves the name of being one of the top internet retailers and affiliate platforms. It has affiliate programmes available in every category, be it art & entertainment, jobs or current events and politics. It is a free-to-join platform and allows everyone to be a promoter or influencer.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is one of the top affiliate marketing platforms for promoters and influencers. It is a one-way platform but offers an entire international marketplace of products and services. It is a free-to-join platform and all you would need to do is sign up.

It is also one of the easiest ways to step into the massive world of affiliate marketing. In fact, almost 90% of people prefer Amazon Affiliate as their first platform in the sector.

Shopify Affiliate Programs

Shopify is on a growing trend of being an excellent affiliate medium. However, it is very different from the general idea or product affiliate and is more suited to well-known influencers in the digital space. It pays a high commission for each user who signs up with a paid plan.

Why affiliate marketers are getting clicks but no conversion?

There are many challenges that people face when they are new on the journey of affiliate marketing. Not all marketers become as efficient as an influencer right from the start, some face quite a lot of challenges on their way.

One of the most common challenges that one faces is with the conversion rates. The number of clicks generated is apt, though the number of conversion to sales is too low. Wondering why this happens? Read on

  • The primary problem is with the fact that you are not marketing the products or services in the most attractive way possible. This means you are mostly missing out on implementing some of the essences that could drive you to be a better affiliate.
  • You are targeting the wrong audience. Whether you are going for paid promotions or not, you always have a specific target audience. Of course, you wouldn’t target individuals if you are promoting a business-oriented software. So, if you are getting clicks regularly, but no sales, the clicks might just be a result of curiosity.
  • You are not active on social media. Whether you are running an affiliate business through your website or via a video sharing platform, you always have to be active on social media as it always the primary point of interaction between you and your target audience.

What are the solutions?

If you are tired of generating regular clicks, but no sales, it’s time for you to implement your strategies well. To begin with, there are many ways how you can take care of your conversion. Here are some of the basics for you to start with.

Increase engagement

Whether you are promoting the affiliate products through your website or social media, you have to engage more people to get attention. If it is a blog, you have to enable commenting on the post. This will boost engagement and will assure that more people take notice.

Be regular

An affiliate marketer is not very effective if he/she is not regular. Whether you are doing it via your social media handles or your website, you have to be regular with it. The best idea is to post on a single product once a week.

Plus, there is no such rulebook that says that you cannot promote one product more than once. So go ahead and make more posts regularly to increase your engagement and conversion.

Create urgency with the CTA

Call-to-action is a must for affiliate marketing. However, what a lot of people miss out on is the creation of a sense of urgency with the promotion. Put your audience in a position where they believe that this is the best chance for them to avail of the offer and that it might run out of juice.

Some of the phrases for urgency that you can emphasise on are – Limited period offer, limited stock available, offer expires soon, discounts for early buyers, etc.

Focus on videos

Video contents have more potential for conversion as they build a better connection between you and the audience. They build a more intimate relationship between the two, which boosts the chances of being trustworthy.

Plus, considering the fact that video contents have a brighter future, it is nice to implement them in your affiliate marketing tactics.

Use social media to your advantage

Social media is the greatest ally for brands and marketers. Social media platforms win the race with its sheer vastness and number of active users.

If you manage to have a good presence on your social media handles, you are most likely to succeed in affiliate marketing more than others.

Plus, another positive aspect of social media is that it allows you to filter out your audience based on their geography, interest, age, etc. This helps you filter out your unwanted leads to generate active conversions.

Host webinars

Whether it a solo webinar or joint, it will also make your affiliate marketing campaign more effective. However, hosting solo webinars require you to be a popular digital influencer. But if you aren’t already one, it is best to be a part of joint webinars along with people who are already established in the industry.

Focus on testimonials

When it comes to trusting the authenticity or quality of any product or service, testimonials come handy. If you have had past customers via your affiliate marketing, get their testimonials on your website of videos. This is a good way of building trust in your prospective leads and could help you have a better conversion rate.

Target the right audience

If you are promoting your affiliated items on social media, it is very important for you to target the right audience. You wouldn’t want to promote business-related products and services to college students.

So, your target audience forms an important aspect for you in achieving your affiliate goals. Pitching to the right audience will help you have a better ROI and lead conversion ratio.

Once you have managed to implement all of these on your affiliate marketing strategies, you are more likely to get to the kind of success you want to achieve. They will surely you a better return if you are facing problems with regular clicks but no potential sales.


Affiliate marketing is among the many revenue-generating strategies that internet-based companies implement. It is also one of the many ways how you can make use of your influencing power on the digital platform and generate revenue without investing anything.

However, just like any other campaign on the digital medium, affiliate marketing won’t yield any results if not planned and implemented with a proper strategy.