Are you feeling paralyzed because of Google penalty? Is your website facing a low ranking and low traffic than ever? Google hits hard on the manipulative websites which don’t adhere to Google guidelines or play wrong tactics with SEO terms. To demote them, Google applies two kinds of penalties, manual and algorithmic.

The penalty takes away visibility on Google followed by website traffic and finally the conversions. Google penalty is certainly hard to deal with but isn’t incurable! Let us help you rapidly recover from Google penalty.

Google Manual Penalty Recovery

Manual penalty gets applied in case the website is not compliant with Google webmaster guidelines. It can be easily identified by Google Search Console->Search Traffic->Manual Actions report. The report may show the information about the whole website or is restricted to particular pages only. There can be various reasons such as scraped or duplicate content, cloaking, hidden links or text, Spam UGC, keyword stuffing, Fraudulent redirects etc. It’s simple to remove the manual penalty by addressing these issues. But the issues pertaining to spam contents or objectionable link building need better strategic approach and a good amount of time.

Google Panda Penalty Recovery

No webmaster will provide you an information! If you observe that the website ranking is not the one which used to be, there is a high chance of panda penalty. Low-quality content, a security issue, higher amount of ads then page content, page loading speed, website’s user-friendly navigation, thin content etc. are the major triggering points for the panda penalty. We’ve seen many businesses failed online because the users couldn’t perceive the right brand value of the business. No worries! The recovery is comparatively easy! Our penalty recovery experts thoroughly examine the website and remove the bad user experience content with highly engaging and appropriate content.

Google Penguin Penalty Recovery

The detection is not straightforward. If a website traffic suddenly drops due to no reason, the chances are there that your website is hit by Penguin penalty. The reasons like low-quality backlinks, too many links, excessive link exchanges, text ads passing PageRank etc. trigger the penguin penalty. To get website recovered from it, we do the rigorous website analysis and create the customer-engaging strategies to get rid of Google panda penalty. Through backlink analysis, we detect the links causing the penalty and use Google webmaster tools and Google analytics to rectify them as per the standard SEO terms.

Google Penalty Recovery Services

Recovering from the Google penalty is not a hard nut to crack for WebMaxed. In the past, we’ve helped quite a good amount of businesses to recover from the penalty and get on board in quite less time. We know how to get the job done very well and assure you for the same. We counter Google penalty by coming up with more organic strategies. And that’s why we’re the leading google penalty recovery service company the clients have entrusted for years.

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