A Steady Flow of Relevant Customers

Pay Per Click is one of the easiest and surest ways of generating a steady flow of relevant customers to your website. When used strategically, it helps gives an instant boost to the website traffic offering excellent value for money.

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    Know the Reasons Why and How to Use PPC Marketing

    Webmaxed specialises in creating a digital road map for small & medium enterprises and start-ups. As your partner, we use tools like Pay-Per-Click Marketing very efficiently to generate the intended results like boosting the website traffic or generating a steady flow of new customers etc.

    Google AdWords

    Bidding on selected keywords to improve search rankings.

    Keyword Search

    Identifying keywords with which customers search.

    PPC Marketing – Use with Care

    When Used Eight, PPC is a Very Potent Weapon

    When used smartly, PPC is a very effective tool. However,
    if used wrongly, then PPC is one of the costliest digital tools which will deplete costly marketing resources fast.


    Successful PPC campaigns are a blend of perfect strategic planning and precise execution with analysis

    We at WebMaxed understand the strategic importance of PPC and manage the PPC campaigns of our clients as if they were our own.

    Conversion Tracking

    Conversion tracking is a crucial element in any marketing campaign. Correct data on performance allows in fine-tuning of the next steps. In PPC, conversion tracking is easy and efficient and hence the chances of success improve drastically for a campaign.

    PPC: Budgeting & Control

    Basis the campaign objectives, the budgetary allocation for any campaign can be decided before commencing any PPC campaign.  Even during the campaign performance analysis on a real-time basis allows effective control to optimises budgetary spends.

    Keyword Strategy

    Keyword strategy is a very important component of any PPC campaign. Besides including the relevant keywords, PPC also allows for negative keywords to be excluded. This ensures that no money is spent on such keywords or key-phrases at any point of time.

    Content Management

    Due to the ability to review campaign performance on a real-time basis, content management in PPC campaigns is critical. Basis the data analysed, content can be modified, removed or added to improve the performance further.

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