AIM Services, Inc.

Non-Profit Social Media Case Study

AIM Services, Inc. needed to grow awareness around their services and increase attendance at their events. When they reached out to Mannix Marketing for guidance for social media consulting and training services. This marketing program was sponsored in part by Stewart’s Shops.

The Results

Increase in Facebook Page Likes
Increase in Referral Traffic from Facebook
Increase in Referral Traffic from Social Media

We knew we were onto something huge, given the encouraging response that ensued following our innovation.

Social Media and Blog Guidance Helps Grow Awareness and Website Traffic

While AIM Services had an existing Facebook page at the start of this program, there was considerable room for improving it to help reach their goals. We performed a social media audit to highlight the opportunities for optimizing their Facebook page and posts, and explained how they could utilize this platform to increase awareness for their services and events as well as relations with the local community.

In addition to performing a social media audit, it was important for AIM Services to understand the big picture of how social media would fit into their overall business strategy, so we developed a comprehensive social media marketing strategy that mapped out the what, how, and why behind social media for their non-profit.

With a plan of attack in place, we then consulted with AIM Services on how to properly implement the social media and blogging techniques. From providing hands-on training to addressing specific questions to assigning blog and social media “homework,” each aspect of the social media and blog consulting program gave their team ample opportunity to apply the techniques and receive immediate feedback on how to fine-tune their efforts for optimal results.

According to Marissa, “The tools and resources provided by Amberly and Jessica has taught me how to work with wording, timing, and framing of social media posts. Their availability for questions or concerns helped smooth the learning process.”

Regional Online Advertising Builds Awareness Around Services and Local Events

Another top priority for AIM Services is to get more exposure for their local events. Promoting the events through our regional guide Facebook pages, coupled with the social media consulting, made it easier for AIM Services to spread the word about these events and reach a targeted group of potential attendees online. In light of this program, it’s no surprise that AIM Services was able to double the profits and attendance at their Wine Gala in 2015!

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